The World

The World in the Tarot of Marseilles

Card Description

A naked woman dances in the center of a yellow, red, and blue wreath. In one hand she holds a wand. Her hair is blonde and flowing. A red drapery wraps around her while she dances. An angel, eagle, bull, and lion are displayed in each corner of the card. 

The woman at the center of the card can represent many different things. She is the cosmic dancer that becomes one with the forces of the universe to create life. She is mother nature surveying and celebrating her creation. She is the embodiment of fate, ready to command the forces of the universe. She is the final perfect union of opposites, the red scarf concealing that she is androgynous. 

The wreath in which she dances is a symbol of all of creation. The creatures at the four corners of the cards can represent the four writers of the gospels: Man - Matthew, Lion - Mark, Bull - Luke, Eagle - John. Or they can represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac: Man - Aquarius, Lion - Leo, Bull - Taurus, Eagle - Scorpio.

Card Meaning

This card represents totality, the culmination of all things. It also represents the beginning of the next cosmic cycle. 

As the dancer at the center of creation moves, her powers spiral out to the edges of the universe and then whirl back in again. The four fixed signs of the Zodiac are the guidelines upon which she weaves the world. Her dance lays the foundation for all that is. 

Her flowing scarf hides the secret that is at the heart of magical and alchemical endeavors, the elimination of opposites by their union, resulting in the creation of the perfected being. 

No one can stop her dance because it is eternal, spinning new worlds from the stuff of the cosmos and then gathering it back to begin afresh.


Act with confidence because your actions are in alignment with the will of the divine. Don’t second guess yourself. You are participating in the cosmic dance of life, death, and rebirth so don’t sweat the small stuff.  Arrange your world how you see fit. Be spontaneous. Don’t overthink and don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others. You are operating on solid ground and have the support to do what you want. Live your life with gusto.

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