The Sun

The Sun in the Tarot of Marseilles

Card Description:

Two bare-chested children stand in a walled garden underneath a bright, multi-rayed sun which shines boldly at the top of the card. Heat and light radiate from it while its nurturing life force pours down upon the Earth below. The Sun’s rays and the drops of life force are multicolored. 

The rays of the sun are both curved and straight. The straight rays represent the Sun’s heat while the curved rays represent its warmth. The yellow rays represent the Sun’s bountiful energy while the red rays represent its strengthening influence. The blue rays are the Sun’s healing power, and the white rays signify peace. The green rays symbolize the power of growth. The same colors and their meanings are echoed in the drops of life force that are descending to Earth. 

The two children in the walled garden are in paradise. They are close to nature and are  innocent, which is indicated by their lack of clothing. They stand in a protected place, in the beginning stages joyful co-creation.

Card Meaning:

The Sun card represents great abundance and blessings. It is the attainment of your highest desires. A blessed energy surrounds you and your work when this card appears. 

The young children represent the beginning of a new cycle, one that you can approach afresh but with the wisdom you have attained from previous experiences. This is a card of growth and development. 

All is in harmony in the garden, and while there, work feels like play. The two children are coming together to build something new, but the work is not difficult. 

This card is bright and full of optimism for the future. Plans will work out and goals will be realized. The heavenly light is brightening your day and improving your chances. It is time to watch the flowers of your efforts blossom under the nurturing rays of the sun.


Things are going to turn out the way you want them to. Great luck and good fortune are coming your way. It is a time of blessings in which you can build many wonderful things. Spread the joy around and do something to brighten someone else’s day. Allow yourself to be filled with contentment. Get out into the sunshine and appreciate its warmth. Your highest goals are in reach.

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