The Star

The Star in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star Sign: Aquarius - progressive, intellectual, comitted

Card Description:

Eight stars shine in the dark night sky. A naked woman kneels at the edge of a pool. Her right foot rests in the water. Her left knee is supported on the dry shore. She is holding two red urns. She is pouring out the contents of both containers. The water from one urn flows into the pool. The water from the other urn soaks into the dry land. A bird rests upon one of the trees in the background. 

The woman’s nudity is a symbol of honesty and truth. It also points towards the compassion and sensuality that this card implies. 

The stars over her head are beacons of hope and representatives of the sun and seven planets.

The waters of healing fall from her urns. The source of the water is infinite. Some water lands on the ground, where it will heal the parched earth so that life can grow anew. Other water is returned to the pond, where it will be lost. 

The bird resting on the bush is the sign of a settled and focused mind.

Card Meaning:

The Star is a harbinger of hope. It is a shining light in the darkest of nights. 

She appears unclothed in a completely natural state and endlessly pours out compassion and healing as she guides us on her way. She is the embodiment of guidance and the forces of destiny. 

The multiple stars in the sky represent the various forces that control our fates: the seven classical planets and the sun itself. 

Compassion and guidance can make all the difference for someone but if it is ignored, it does no good. The water falling in the pool represents blessings ignored and opportunities overlooked. The water falling on the earth represents the gifts and assistance you notice and take advantage of. 

The bird alighting on the tree in the background indicates a time of mental rest and the ability to concentrate.


Though you might be experiencing difficulties, you are on your destined path. The forces of fate are on your side. Keep your eyes open for unexpected assistance. Give yourself the space and time to concentrate on what is happening around you. Act compassionately. Look to the stars or to astrology for additional guidance. You will get the chance to express your authentic self.

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