The Moon

The Moon in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star sign: Pisces - Emotional, sympathetic, compassionate

Card Description

Two dogs howl at the moon as it rises above and between two towers. Though the moon appears to be shining brightly, it is in the waxing crescent phase. Visible rays shine down from its face along with the invisible lunar energy represented by the teardrop shapes in the sky. The towers stand solidly in the background and are nearly identical. Two dogs in the foreground howl at the moon while standing at the edge of a deep, dark pool. From the pool that is nearly the color of the sky, a lobster slowly rises. 

The Moon represents the reflected power of the sun modulated by the Moon’s phase. 

The towers in the background are slightly different, which is a hint that they represent the towers of Mercy and Severity and that there is a safe path of balance that travels between them. 

Upon closer examination, the creatures are not two dogs, but a dog and a wolf. 

The pool has three finished sides but the side nearest to us is natural and unshaped by man.

Card Meaning:

There is an unseen path that travels between the towers in the background of this card. It is the path of moderation and careful action. The towers are a representation of two behavioral extremes. 

But the Moon’s light can make the path difficult to find. As the moon moves through its phases, the available light changes and makes it difficult to see things how they really are. A dangerous wolf may appear to be a friendly, domesticated dog. Two towers representing different concepts may look the same. 

The Moon can also represent the perception of change when everything has actually remained the same. 

The powers of the subconscious, represented by the lobster rising from the watery deeps, must come to the surface to help you on your journey. The lunar powers of emotional sensitivity and intuition are required to navigate this territory successfully. 


Make sure you are seeing things for how they really are. Don’t rely on intellect alone. Pay attention to your feelings and intuition. The right path is ahead of you even if you can’t currently see it. Listen to what the universe is attempting to tell you. You may receive guidance in dreams or visions. Some shadow work or soul searching may be required. You may need to have a serious talk with someone close to you.

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