The Lovers

The Lovers in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star sign: Gemini - Opposites, couples, communication

Card description:

A couple stands before a priest. The priest wears a hat that looks like flames. The priest’s hand is on the man’s shoulder. The man is gesturing to the woman’s waist while the woman is pointing to the man’s heart. Above them, a cupid-like angel is manifesting from a sunburst. It is drawing back its bow and taking aim at the couple.

The angel’s drawn bow is a symbol of sudden realization or an emotional outburst. This hasn’t taken place, because the arrow has not flown, but the potential is there.

The sun burst behind the angel represents the passion and energy that is waiting to be unleashed. The priest’s hat of flame is a representation of the priest’s connection to the creative force represented by the sunburst.

The man and women gesturing to each other indicate a couple who are not only focused on each other but who are ready to unite. He is acknowledging her creative and generative abilities. She is acknowledging his passion. His striped tunic symbolizes the variety of his experiences. Her solid blue dress represents purity and single-mindedness.

Card meaning:

On the surface, this card is about love and romance. However, the Lovers card tells a deeper story about the union of opposites and the nature of creation.

It is also a card of decision making, which can lead to several types of unions or the decision to part ways.

At its very core, this card represents the turning point of a relationship or creative process. The angel’s drawn bow hovering over the head of the couple is a constant reminder that there is enormous potential in the current situation. But a decision must be made to move on to the next step.

This card represents the critical point at which opposing forces come together and synthesizes a third new thing, be it a passionate love affair, a night of sex, a new creative process, or a beautiful friendship.


A new relationship or partnership is on the way. You stand at a crossroads and must soon decide which way you want to go. Pay attention to the advice or information that your partner is sharing with you. Initiate a creative act. You may experience some friction or tension with someone you love, but you both want essentially the same thing. Be prepared for someone you are working with to take an approach that is different to yours.

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