The Juggler/Magician

THE MAGICIAN from the Tarot of Marseilles

Card description:

A juggler stands behind a table filled with stage magician’s tools. The table holds an open sack, like the closed one that is seen on the Fool card. The juggler’s white-gold hair falls in ringlets around his face. A hat with a brim in the shape of a lemniscate is on his head. In one hand he holds a wand with its tip pointed to the sky. In the other, he holds a small coin. He looks as though he is in the middle of performing a trick.

The tools on the juggler’s table are the same tools hidden in the Fool’s sack, but now they are being put to use, indicating some growth and development has taken place.

The position of the Magician’s hands along with the tools he holds are signs of his primary function: transmission. Using his wand, which symbolizes his will and attention, he channels the divine energies to the earth, which is symbolized by the coin. This idea is reinforced by the shape of the brim of his hat, and an indication that he is aware of higher wisdom. His gold ringlets are a form of disguise or distraction since he doesn’t always want his audience to know what he is doing. 

Card Meaning:

This card represents someone who really knows what they are doing. They are skilled and well-versed in their role. The juggler can put on a show, entertaining his audience while also meeting his own needs or even performing the will of the divine. It’s all part of the act.

He has access to the specialized tools he needs, and he knows how to use them. A master communicator, the juggler can deliver vital information or work as a diplomat or facilitator.

And of course, the juggler is also a magician, so he is fully capable of acting as a distraction or using a little bit of subterfuge to get things done.

However, among all the roles he plays, his most important one is as the channel of divine wisdom. He is in contact with the universal mind and can bring knowledge and creativity down to earth to be manifest on this plane.


You know what to do and you have the skills to do it. Don’t be afraid to put on a show or to use a little razzle-dazzle to impress people. There is an important message that must be delivered or received. Make sure that your actions are in alignment with the greater good. Allow the will of the universe to flow through you. A little slight-of-hand might be required to get the job done.

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