The Hermit

The Hermit in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star sign: Virgo - Organization, practicality, perfectionist tendencies

Card Description: 

The Hermit stands in isolation in the middle of a long journey. He equipped himself for travel with his voluminous cloak, sturdy walking stick, and lantern. He is an older man and his grey hair and beard crown him as symbols of experience and wisdom.

Though the Hermit is on his own, it is by choice rather than out of necessity. He has decided to step away from the distractions of the world to travel for spiritual purposes.

He dresses himself in red and blue and those colors are a hint about what he is seeking: the union of opposites. He holds his lantern of illumination high during his search to find the sacred union, the hidden wisdom at the heart of creation.

Though his lantern lights his own path, it also is a beacon for all others who may come after him while seeking the same lofty goal.

His walking stick is a reminder that while he seeks higher knowledge, he is grounded to the earth. His past experiences give him stability and strength as he moves forward.

Card Meaning: 

The Hermit is a seeker of deeper truths. Dissatisfied with the everyday, he has chosen to leave society and find the truth behind appearances and the wisdom hidden deep within. It is only through quiet and solitude that he will find that which he seeks.

This card represents seclusion and solitude. A withdrawal from the world is needed to find the proper path. When the path is found, it is likely to be an independent one. The presence of others is not required.

The person who draws this card may feel alone even in the middle of a crowd. However, the isolation is not permanent because the querent’s knowledge and wisdom will draw others who want to learn the secrets of quiet and contemplation. 


Get away from it all. Find a way to remove yourself from your usual environment for a brief time to gain some perspective. Make some space for contemplation. You need some quiet time to recuperate and take care of your own needs on a spiritual, mental, or physical level. Pay attention to your health. To reach your true creative potential, you must look within. Set and maintain healthy boundaries and adhere to your personal limitations.

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