The Fool

The fool Ancien Tarot De Marseille

Card Description:

A man dressed as a jester walks in the wilderness. Bells adorn his long, pointed collar and his belt.  His wide eyes are directed to the sky – he isn’t looking where he is going. He carries a sack on a long pole slung over his shoulder. He drags a walking stick by his side. A small dog leaps at his legs, tearing his pants and exposing his buttock and upper leg.

The fool’s eyes are open wide, but he isn’t paying attention to what is going around him. He is distracted not only by all the new sights and sounds he is experiencing on his journey but also by his own internal monologue, represented by the bells that adorn his neck and waist.

The sack he carries on his back contains tools with which he is not familiar. The other tool he carries, his walking stick, is not put to its full use. It drags on the ground next to him, more of a burden than a helper.

He is harried and harassed by the small dog behind him, and his torn pants show that his inattention and inexperience are on display.

Card Meaning:

The Fool represents new experiences and journeying to places you have never seen before. He is the eternal novice, striking out into unexplored territory. He represents beginnings and fresh starts. But the sack he carries is a reminder that even a novice carries tools, information, and memories with them into their new experience even though they might not always be put to effective use.

At this stage, the tools the Fool carries weigh him down more than they help him along. Though they are available to him, he is not fully aware of them.  His inattention and distraction are a caution to both make sure your eyes are wide open but to also make sure you are seeing things for how they really are.

The little dog that leaps at his back is a symbol of intuition or the higher self. It is there to bring the Fool’s attention back to the present moment and help him to see things for what they really are.


Don’t be afraid to try something new. Get out of your shell. Go on an adventure. Do things without being concerned if you are doing them right. Don’t let your own thoughts drown out what is going on around you. Bring your attention back to the present moment. Pay more attention to your inner voice. It’s time to learn something you haven’t learned before. This is the beginning of your journey.

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