The Empress

The Empress in the Tarot of Marseilles

Card description:

A woman with flowing blonde hair is seated regally upon a golden throne. An elaborate crown is on her head. In her right arm, she cradles a shield emblazoned with a blazing phoenix. She carries a scepter topped by a globe in her right. One small tuft of vegetation grows at her feet while another springs up from the seat of her throne.

Here the Empress is surrounded by signs of her authority. Her crown is one of the symbols of her earthly power. It means she has been recognized as a leader. The shield is a symbol of protectiveness and thoughtful use of resources. The phoenix on the shield is a symbol of rebirth and resiliency. Her scepter is topped by a globe and cross to indicate that her powers reach to all corners of the world. The globe is beside her head as a representation of her creative and holistic thinking.

The growing grain at her feet and hip are symbols of fertility and creativity and she appears to be pregnant. The crook of her left arm lies empty, ready to hold and nurture anything she gives birth to.

Card meaning:

The Empress is a symbol of the fertile, creative powers that help generate all manner of things: thoughts, children, and empires alike. She is surrounded not only by the symbols of her material authority but by all the resources needed to put her plans into action.

She is the equal and opposite mate of the Emperor, being the receptive half that represents the fertile soil of creativity.

Her authority is absolute, particularly on the material and mental planes. She is pregnant with plans and possibilities.

She is the starting point, the spot where the seed is planted and where it will grow while it is nurtured by her attention. Her flowing blonde hair speak of the beauty and grace of a mother tending to her children. 


Carefully tend to your plans and ambitions. Take a leadership role but be prepared to listen and take input from others. This is a wonderful time to try to bring your thoughts to life or to embark on any creative project. You will have everything you need to get your plans off the ground. Be prepared for the responsibility of nurturing yourself or others. Allow the fires of passion to fill you and lend energy to your creative efforts.

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