Temperance in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star Sign: Sagittarius - Expansive, exploratory, bridge-builder

Card description:

A beautiful angel stands in a natural setting, carefully pouring water from one urn to another. A bright red flower adorns her blue hair. Her glorious gold-white wings arch over her shoulders. She wears a red shirt with a blue over-shirt. A golden scarf swathes her throat, and a golden belt girdles her waist. The skirt of her dress is evenly split between red and blue. 

The angel of temperance pours water from a blue urn to a red urn, spilling not a drop. The red flower on her head is the burning flame of divinity nestled in her blue hair which is a symbol of her wisdom. 

Her wings indicate that she is a supernaturally balanced creature, one not completely of this earth. Since she is the embodiment of balance, she is dressed equally in red and blue, the two opposing forces that she successfully combines. The color scheme is echoed in the urns she uses. 

Note that she is so committed to balance that she holds the red urn near the blue side of her skirt and the blue un on the red side. Her gold adornments symbolize the divine nature of her work.

Card meaning:

This card is a representation of the skillful combination of opposites, the alchemical process of uniting disparate forces to create a third separate thing. This is the task that the angel can perfectly do every time. 

She is the reflection of our higher selves, the part of us that strives for serene balance and ultimate wisdom. 

Her attention to detail is flawless. Though the waters in her urn must flow a great distance, they do not spill or splash out of their containers. 

She is the spiritual connection to the divine that each one of us can activate with attention and effort. She unites the physical and spiritual world, allowing them to interpenetrate and affect each other. She is in harmony with all things and can act creatively in any situation.


If there are conflicting or opposing forces in your life, be the mediator. Act as a bridge for others. Make balance and equality your goal. Don’t go to extremes. A partnership could prove beneficial. You are at the center of a powerful creative effort. Pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive messages you may receive. Don’t neglect the details. Let your idealism lead you.

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