Strength in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star Sign: Libra - Balance, proportion, OrderCard Description:Justice appears seated on a golden throne. Her crown is adorned with a red circle. In her right hand she holds a sword, with its point up. Inher left hand she carries an empty set of scales. At her throat, the golden hem of her gown is shaped like a T. It is joined by a thickly braided gold rope. Justice’s crown appears to weigh heavily on her head, indicating that she represents thoughts and the decision-making process. The red decoration of her crown helps draw attention to the precise and orderly functioning of her mind. The T-shaped decoration at her throat is a tau cross and indicates that her sphere of authority reaches to all corners of the world. The heavy golden chain at her throat highlights her bargaining skills. The sword in her right hand is razor sharp and is prepared to help her separate the good from bad, the truth from lies, and the guilty from the innocent. She holds it point-up because she is perpetually ready to act. The scales are balanced in a testament to her fairness.Card Meaning:The Justice card symbolizes balance and order. The scales she holds are empty because she is always ready to take on the next problem or hear the next case. She is prepared to adapt and adjust to maintain balance and equality. She is objective, and her mind is constantly active, weighing and measuring the outcomes of her actions and the actions of others. She has a clear picture of the pros and cons of all sides of an argument and makes her decision while taking all the facts into account. Though her mental abilities are paramount, she holds the sword of decisiveness and action is in her right hand, poised to strike. She doesn’t just weigh and measure. She eventually makes her decision and issues her verdict.Advice:Ensure that everyone is being treated equally and with justice. Don’t hesitate to take your concerns to a higher authority. Make sure you have all the facts before you act but once you have decided, don’t hesitate. Rely on logic and analysis rather than emotional subjectivity. Impartiality is the key to resolving the current issue. You might need to make some adjustments in order to stay balanced.

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