Judgement in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star Sign: All star signs

Card Description:

An angel descends from a billowing cloud wearing a halo and with wings spread. Fiery rays of red and yellow encircle the cloud. The angel holds a trumpet bearing a white flag with a gold cross. Below the angels, three naked figures stand with their hands held in a prayerful pose. One of the figures is emerging from a hole in the ground. 

The angel appearing in the heavens is the angel of the Last Judgment. His halo is a sign of purity, and his wings are a symbol of his angelic and otherworldly nature. The gold and red rays of light herald his arrival and the beginning of the apocalypse. The flag on his trumpet is a sign that he is an envoy and representative of the heavens. 

The three people below are symbolic of all who have died from the beginning of time until the day of atonement. They stand prayerfully, waiting to find out if they will be bodily resurrected or cast into a fiery pit. They are naked because on the day of judgment, all things are visible.

Card Meaning:

This Last Judgment is a notification that the end is coming. The cycle is reaching its completion. Something will draw to a conclusion. Everything will be laid bare to be judged on its own merits. 

The results of your efforts and actions will be made manifest and you will need to live with the consequences. 

This may be a troubling time or one that you have been impatiently waiting for. You may have seen this coming, or it may completely blindside you. There is a good chance that the ending will have a significant impact on your life. 

This is also a card of the inevitable. Some things are destined to happen, and it is impossible to sidestep them. Since this card symbolizes the end of time, it can also indicate that time has run out or you don’t have time to make any changes. Things must stand as they are.


Be prepared for an ending. Time is running short. A sudden announcement may startle you and change your plans. Your actions will be responsible for the outcome. A time of transition is at hand so you may feel uncertain. Don’t try to hide what you are doing. Don’t try to bargain your way out of fair consequences. The truth will soon be revealed.

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