Unlabelled, Death Man in the Tarot of Marseilles

Star sign: Scorpio - Mysterious, secretive, magnetic

Card description: 

A grim vision of a skeleton, standing in the center of a field. It holds a scythe in its hands, prepared for the next swing. At its feet lay the heads, hands, and feet of commoners and royalty alike. The sky behind it grows in brightness as the sun rises. 

The skeleton pictured in this card is almost completely stripped of flesh, symbolizing the need to get down to the bare bones of a situation. Its spine is exposed, reinforcing the idea that what is centrally supporting or underpinning events can be revealed, particularly at the end. 

The scythe is poised to take another swing, capturing the skeleton in the middle of its harvest. The decisive swing of the scythe can strike at any time, at youth, middle, or old age.

The death card is the great equalizer, and it indicates that there are forces in play that will affect everyone from all social classes. But as the skeleton does its work in the foreground, look to the horizon for hope because a new day is dawning. After the harvest comes new growth, as evidenced by the plants growing amongst the ruined bodies in the field.

Card Meaning: 

The Death card represents the unstoppable forces that affect us all. Despite our best efforts, endings do come, and things do draw to a close. The scythe swings, severing old ties and obligations. 

This is a card of personal and spiritual transition that indicates a change from one way of being to another. To make those transitions, we must let go of our past selves and put them to rest. 

However, because the card symbolizes transition, it carries with it a promise that new growth will come once the field has been cleared. 

Though this card can symbolize sadness and mourning, it can also indicate a rite of passage or a new period of growth. When this card appears, it can indicate an opportunity to shed old, outdated ways of doing things. 


Figure out what you need to let go of. Be a little bit ruthless as you eliminate what is no longer serving you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to the forces of change that will carry you into a new phase of your life. Be prepared to walk away from a person or place with which you are familiar. Allow yourself to grieve your losses but know that the void caused by loss will give you the space to try to be someone or do something new.

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