Vibratory Music to Heal Your Aura

What does an aura mean to me? A sort of energy shield, like a halo of light, surrounds you, protecting your inner strength. When one of my followers' auras is weakened, that person's energy level and capacity to carry out their goals and projects is also harmed.

We are all nothing more than energy and vibration.

That is why music, particularly sacred notes, can be beneficial. The frequency of 528Hz, related with the element of fire, the color gold, and the concept of transformation, is one of the nine sacred notation frequencies.

It is a frequency of positive energy that has the ability to strengthen and benefit your aura.

Because of its spiritual characteristics, this frequency is also known as the "Holy Frequency." The one we're interested in is its really favorable effect on your security.

Along with your sacred music, you will receive extensive instructions on how to make the best use of it.

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