How can The Emperor Tarot Card Affect Your Life?

Friday, October 13, 2023 • tarot
emperor tarot

The Emperor tarot is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck and is a symbol of stoicism and authority. It’s a card full of rich symbolism that shows a man who has built an empire through conquest and war. He isn’t afraid of anyone and possesses great skill in order to efficiently administer his realm. He’s a man full of great intellect and is a benevolent authoritarian to his people.

Today we’ll be taking a look at this card in both the upright and reversed positions with respect to career, family, relationships and finances. 

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Description

In order to understand this important Major Arcana card, we first need to see the image on the card. Right when you see it the first time, you’ll notice him sitting on his throne, exuding an energy that commands obedience and respect. He appears as a stoic man, looking sternly while contemplating his moves and actions. 

He’s sitting on a huge throne which is probably made of stone and is decorated with 

two ram heads, the symbol of Aries, which the Emperor tarot is associated with. The Emperor’s ruling star is Mars, the god of war. All of this combined has a huge effect on his liking for war and conquest.

If you look closely, you’ll see that he’s holding two objects in his hands. On the one hand is an orb, representing the massive empire that he has built through conquest. On the other hand, you’ll see the ankh, which the ancient Egyptians believed to be a symbol of life. 

He’s wearing a red robe, representing the authority that he wields and his passion for life. Underneath his robe he wears plated armor, signifying protection from external threats and preparedness.

The Emperor tarot emanates an aura of power and authority. It’s evident that he has spent many years in order to get to his current position and has made a name for himself in the eyes of his people. He can bring death and devastation to those who oppose him, yet he can also be benevolent and merciful to those loyal to him. 

His long beard represents his intelligence, immediately giving you the impression that he has accumulated vast knowledge and experience throughout his life. There are some versions of the Emperor tarot card where you’ll see mountains behind him, representing his grit and iron will. In other versions, you can also see a river flowing from the mountains which tells us that he too can sometimes be emotional, albeit rarely.

emperor tarot

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning for Family 

The Emperor tarot is the representation of a benevolent and father-like figure. If you see it in a reading, know that you have been chosen to lead those who are close to you in a very collected manner. You have to provide for and protect them, come what may.

You’ll be the figure of authority in your family. All of the important decisions will require your input and will be carried out only after your approval. Your family is dependent on you for their needs to varying degrees as you bring stability and security to the family. 

Moreover, you’re the breadwinner of the house. Your salary keeps the house functioning and all needs will be met mainly by your money. You do not like to take orders from your family and will show that from time to time. You don’t approve of different thoughts and get your opinion enacted due to your authority.

The card also tells that you have a natural tendency to rule over and guide those under you and that you must rule to the best of your ability without appearing as a tyrant. As the leader of the family, you bring out the best in everyone so they may achieve their goals while furthering your goals too.

emperor tarot

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Relationships

The Emperor tarot card doesn’t have much to do with love and relationships, as it’s way more concerned with authority, career and discipline. If you get the Emperor in a love reading, know that you may have some difficulty in a romantic scenario, as you struggle with being expressive and emotional in front of your loved one.

If you’re looking for guidance through Tarot card spreads as a beginner, head over to our article on the 3 card Tarot spread to find out all the spreads you can use for creativity, money, relationships, careers, general guidance and more.

However, it is noteworthy that the Emperor isn’t a heartless being and serves as the voice of reason in a romantic relationship. In a romantic setting, the Emperor advises always to use reason over feelings and logic over emotions. While it’s okay to be loving towards your loved one every now and then, you mustn’t allow that love to overpower your judgment.

The Emperor tells you to be dutiful towards your loved one and to defend him/her both in front of and behind his/her back. This card also tells you to work day and night in the pursuit of providing for this loved one, as mere love alone cannot sustain any relationship and a comfortable life will only be secured when you possess material wealth.

emperor tarot card

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Finances

The Emperor tarot in a finance reading hints toward your ability to control your finances and be mindful of whatever you spend.

You are now in a position where you no longer have to worry about your expenses and can buy whatever you want, that too on a whim. However, this doesn’t mean that you start wasting money on useless items to the point where you bleed your bank accounts dry. 

The card instead advocates for careful expenditure and the routine maintenance of a budget to track all of your expenses. Don’t forget a single cent in any expense and note it all down to know how much you have spent, without being stingy.

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Career 

The Emperor tarot card has an amazing meaning in a career reading. It tells you to be very professional in your business dealings, be committed to your work, have a strong work ethic and be responsible for all of your actions. 

If you have a leadership role in your organization, you’ll strive hard to keep your subordinates in line with your policies and bring out the best in them, while not giving them too much leeway to do as they please. You won’t like to work under your superiors and will be vocal regarding your opinions.

However, the Emperor tells us that you will shine even in a subordinated scenario due to your abilities. You’ll be successful in all of your projects and will work hard firstly to advance your own career and then to make the company more famous and profitable

You will have a very organized and clean approach toward your work in order to prevent unwanted issues. As you work toward the realization of your goals, you will become less prone to distractions and will be more focused than ever.

Lastly, if your company seems to be in dire straits, you’ll naturally emerge as a leader devising more practical strategies and tactics in order to keep everything running smoothly.

emperor tarot card

Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Health

This card has a very profound meaning when it comes to health. It tells you that your determination and grit are overpowering your health and if you stay on that course, you will pose serious risks to your health. 

Delegating authority while having a watchful eye on the inner workings of your business is how you should proceed. It has taken you years, possibly decades to build this empire, you have nourished it through your blood and sweat. Now is the time for you to take a hands-off approach towards things, lay back and maintain oversight, getting involved only in important matters.

Lastly, the Emperor tarot tells you to get back in shape. You’ve pushed your mind, body and soul to the limit in order to build this empire. It is now time for you to pay attention to those three and understand their needs. Live a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious food, rewarding yourself for all the effort you have put in.

emperor tarot

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning 

If you draw the Emperor tarot when it is reversed, it means that you’re either becoming, or have become, someone with significant power who abuses it in order to further his own goals. The reversed Emperor says that people can sometimes become hungry for power and authority and start acting like dictators who don’t approve of dissent.

This abuse of power can result from unresolved childhood trauma, where your father was very inconsiderate towards your feelings and his behavior filled you with lifelong rage and resentment. 

Another source of this overpowering attitude can be a boss who likes to overburden you with responsibilities, yet falling short of the mark when it comes to acknowledging your efforts, be it in a monetary manner or otherwise.

However, there is a hidden meaning when it comes to a reversed Emperor card. Maybe the people who are to be led by you (your family, friends, office colleagues, etc.) want to see you in that role, but your own reluctance gets in the way. Maybe you doubt yourself if you’ll be able to lead them the right way as you’re not fond of being in the spotlight.

The Wheel of Fortune is another Tarot card that has significant meanings on how it is drawn, both in the upright and reversed positions. Read our article on it wheel of fortune tarot.

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Family & Relationships

A reversed Emperor tarot card can be very destructive when it comes to both your relationship with your wife and children. Your children will grow distant from you without you realizing it. This’ll be caused by your overbearing attitude that doesn’t approve of their words and actions, no matter what they are.

Your wife too will be greatly affected by your stubborn attitude as you express your anger and frustration at her violently. Communication between you and her will decrease significantly to the point where you’ll be sharing the same room, yet act as complete strangers towards each other.

If you find yourself in such a situation, know that there is a way to fix it. Be authoritative towards your wife and children, but only when the situation warrants it. Loosen yourself up when you’re with your family, as they’re the only ones who’ll be with you, even when the going gets tough. 

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Finances

In a financial reading, an Emperor tarot is a wake-up call that you need to have a strong grip on your wealth. There is no doubt that you have amassed a great deal of wealth over the years, yet you seem to forget more than often about certain expenses that you’ve made. You don’t know about the losses you’ve suffered until it's too late. 

The best solution that I can give you in this regard is to seek professional help from a financial advisor and leverage his/her experiences in order to make your life easier. As time passes, you can learn from this person and eventually, you’ll be able to manage all of your wealth by yourself without any external guidance. 

You should also look into habits that are causing you to spend a lot of money. Are you spending it on things you liked for a few days, then stopped using them? Or are you gambling all of your hard-earned savings away? Whatever the issue may be, identify and put a stop to it.

emperor tarot

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Health

The reversed Emperor tarot in a health reading doesn’t bode well. You’re pushing your mind, body and soul to their limits in order to build your empire. Neglecting your body will be very dangerous for you in the long run. Being inconsistent and unfocused with yourself is causing you to lose control over your body.

You need to stop thinking that you’re made of steel, or if you’re still in your twenties and start paying attention to yourself right away. If your job is restricting or too overbearing that it doesn’t allow you to look after yourself, it’s time to either change the approach or the job itself. This is the time for you to hang back, reap the fruits of your labor and get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning in Your Career

There are many reasons why a reversed Emperor tarot card is a warning for your career. You used to be one of the best employees in your organization, but now it seems that you cannot focus anymore. You’re unable to stay disciplined and it’s causing you anger and frustration. 

Your colleagues were used to looking up to you and considered you as a role model who could be relied upon even in tough times. However, your ill-disciplined and unfocused attitude means that fewer people appreciate the good things that you still do and backbite about you often. 

Another factor behind the degradation in your performance can be the rules. It’s possible that the company’s rules are becoming overbearing for you and are hampering your ascent up the corporate ladder. Your boss can be the last factor who’s making your life miserable by overburdening you with work yet never praising your efforts. 

Key Upright Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

Stability, structure, authority, protection, maturity, fatherhood, safety, dependability, practicality, logic, leadership and an ability to provide

Key Reversed Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

Overbearing, controlling, manipulative, rigid, overpowering, stubborn, lack of control, lack of discipline, absent father, father issues, tyrannical and domineering.

emperor tarot

Summing up the Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor tarot is a very profound card and is loaded with symbolism. It represents a man who has “been there and done that” in the essence of the word. If it’s drawn upright, it means that you’ll be having a fulfilled life with your family and other relationships where your business will grow, your health will be better and your career will prosper.

Things will take a turn for the worse if you draw the Emperor reversed. The people who were close to you will become distant, your career and finances will take a hit and your health will deteriorate. Thus it’s important to strike a balance in all aspects of your life in order to build your empire sustainably.

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